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amazing things happen

Ugenie allows any business to efficiently
engage & monetise their customer
community via an affordable tailored
mobile hub.

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In order to remain competitive, businesses can’t afford to ignore the digital revolution that is happening around them. Therefore, businesses of all sizes are now exploring how they can correctly utilise available technology to differentiate themselves, become more efficient and reduce costs.


Customers are tired of one-size-fits-all solutions. They are actively looking for ways to customise what is being offered to fit their unique needs.

Mobile Touchpoint

With mobile usage surpassing desktop usage in 2014 and 90% of mobile time spent directly on apps, it’s crucial for a business to be accessible from the palms of their customers’ hands

Digital Payments
(Coming Soon)

Going cashless streamlines bookkeeping, creates a safer business environment and gives customers more payment options. It's how customers want to pay and more now than ever they expect digital payment options from businesses of all sizes.